About Me

A person who loves innovation in Resumes

Every day we meet numerous people, see various faces, fashion and style, But “Notice” only a few…….

You may wonder as to why a Writer is talking about getting noticed ???

Because I am the one who helps job seekers to dress their resume’s in a perfect professional manner and get noticed !!

My background is probably a bit different from other resume writers. I am an Electronics engineer, after completing my graduation I soon realized working for the rest of my life as an engineer is not my cup of tea, so I answered to the call from my dreams and choose to become a Specialized Writer which eventually transformed me into a successful Resume writer.

With nearly 5 years of work experience I have sharpened my skills every day. Some of my profile highlights include:

• Acknowledged with many testimonials from clients (national as well as international)
• Maintained a very low level of client escalations
• Efficiently took initiative and cleared backlog of 2000 resume in 3 months
• Developed national & international cover letter as well as LinkedIn sample formats
• Introduced new & effective formats of resumes

What I do

Keep it simple


Let’s find out how I managed to do so:10712585_10203591156891879_8319568571242906023_o (1)

Playing with the perfect keywords • Researching & Gathering Requirements • Collating Relevant Information • Choosing the Suitable Layout & Format • Finally Reshaping the Raw Draft.

Profile Exposure: IT, Telecom, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Healthcare, Research & Development, Training & Development, Teaching, Automobile, HR, Retail, Trade, Finance & Accounts.

Resume is just not a piece of paper; it is THE PAPER that has the capability to give shape to your career. It has the potential to stand out against the lot and speak on your behalf and I am the one who extends a helping hand towards your profile and make it confident to stand out and speak for itself.

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