My Journey So Far…

I joined the corporate field as a Recruiter, after gaining nitty gritty understanding of the industry my focus shifted to resume writing. During the interview I was asked “You have completed Bachelors in ECE, still why do you want to become a resume writer?”

Unlike any job seeker I gave a scripted answer back then. But after 10 years of working in this line I know why “To Help People – Be Their Friend In Need”

While working with clients across the globe, I have noticed that there are some countries who follow certain rules and are much aware about résumé writing standards than few other developing nations. From my experience I can say India falls under the latter category, herein most job seekers find this exercise to be a waste of time and money. Also, with the amount of fake jobs and related services floating in the market, one thinks twice before moving forward. Unemployment here is a major social issue and people are really desperate to hit the right cord and land a suitable job.

With a handful of certified writers in India, job seekers are not aware about the benefits of hiring one. Now along with writing resumes I have introduced other related services which will help my clients throughout all phases of the career lifespan. I often give webinars to students and women, educate them about the importance of resume writing and other career related service.

My goal is to empower my client’s to become the steward of their own career by providing them with relevant resources, tips, and strategies to recognize opportunities and chart a new career path.


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