In a Nutshell

Perfection is a word deeply resting in a dictionary and no one has actually achieved it. As much as one may be in command of their core field there is always a percentage of flaw staring blankly at you. For some the percentage is high and for others, it is less. For those people who fall under the less category in the world of job searching, I help them to navigate the digital waters and safely reach the shore.

My Journey So Far…

Every day we meet numerous people, see various new faces, fashion and style, But “Notice” only a few…….One can say the same about Résumés. As a Certified Résumé Writer, My motto is to make sure to place my client’s skills, achievements and work history correctly on a piece of paper and create a brand out of it. So that the brand takes the centre stage and gets noticed when one is Job Hunting. I have:

✍ Worked for top-notch clients who were associated with organizations such as Big4, Fortune 10, Emerging Start-ups and more.
✍ Gained exposure to work with global clients ranging from different Industry verticals.

Along with writing résumés, I make it a point to educate my clients about the tricks of job hunting and also give tips that will help them in the future. My list of tips include: Job Search Using Boolean Method, Keyword Optimisation, Résumé, JD Mapping, ATS etc.

There are several popular Resume Writing Certifications (CPRW, PARW, CMRW and others) across the globe. All of them are created to distinguish the excellent quality of writing and resume expertise. In India, there are only a handful of certified writers, luckily, I am one amongst them; one of only two resume writers in India to earn the Certified Master Resume Writer Credential.

Furthermore, I am a member of CDI (Career Directors International). It is a global member-based organization of resume writers, career coaches, and other career professionals.

I often give webinars to students and women, educate them about the importance of Résumé Writing. I am associated as a Mentor with JobsForHer. My work and approach in résumé writing was recently quoted in The Hindu.

Each day is a new stepping stone to learning, so I would call myself a truly passionate writer, who is keen to work on challenging profiles and extend horizons of knowledge and experience.

During weekends, when not writing resumes – I pen down my thoughts and stories at Women’s Web.

My goal is to empower my client’s to become the steward of their own career by providing them with relevant resources, tips, and strategies to recognize opportunities and chart a new career path.