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Can I get a CV / Resume in 24 hours ?

Yes you can by mentioning the same additional costs may apply. Please note that the service is guaranteed to provide you your first draft within 24 hours. It would be my honest effort to provide revised drafts if required within the 24 hour limit. That means Draft2, Draft3 and so on are not assured within 24 hours time limit

Do I need to make a new / separate CV for all the countries I need to apply for?

The CV and resume pattern used in every country is different. The style and format differs from place to place. Middle East countries follow very close formats to each other. If you are applying for Dubai, UAE you will need to follow the style of writing used there.

For what Levels / Designations / Positions do you make CV / Resume?

I make CV / Resume for all levels including Student, Entry Level, Mid-Career or Mid-Level, Managerial Level and Top Management or Senior Executive Level.

How can I avail your services?

You have to send your contact information initially (you can also attach your existing CV / Resume and mention your requirements in the message) from the Contact page. I go through your existing CV / Resume and email you a Questionnaire. You need to fill that up and email me back. I give your first draft within 4 working days from the date of receipt of your questionnaire.

How do I request for making changes to the new draft?

I use email communication to send your drafts. You need to write to me with the required changes. The revised draft normally does not take more than 24 hours to revert

What difference would your created CV / Resume create for me?

Statistics have proved that employers spend less than 5 seconds on each CV / Resume with more than numerous of them to be read for a single opening. It is how long you can keep the employer glued to your CV with effective content. My CV / Resume`s are 100% unique and brilliantly created to ensure an employer overlooking or not reading your CV / Resume.

Which countries do you cater to?

I make CV / Resume for Middle East, Australia, US, Germany and Nigeria. If you are from any other country please contact me at amritakolay@gmail.com.

Delivery Timelines & Medium

How do you send me my New CV / Resume / Edited CV / Resume?

I will email you a word file format (.doc & .docx) and a .pdf copy.

How many days would it take to receive my new CV / Resume?

You will receive your 1st draft within 4 working days. Sunday being a holiday.


I am unable to complete my transaction.

Immediately write to support@amritakolay.com. I have an alternate solutions for payments.


For any refunds or incorrect transactions (paid more than once) the amount would be refunded within 24 hours. Please write to support@amritakolay.com with all the details including the service bought by you.