Before Purchasing Any Service, Know About The Types Of Resumes.

ATS Friendly Resume

From resume screening tools to AI-based software technology that helps recruit and hire humans, it’s safe to say that the robots have become a necessary evil that job seekers need to contend with. An ATS (applicant tracking systems) resume template can be the difference between getting noticed and slipping through the cracks

Executive Resume

If you are targeting opportunities that require a broad skill set, e.g. CFO, CTO,CEO or COO positions, simply collecting everything from 20-30 years ago and “dumping” it on your reader might be tempting but it puts your resume at a strategic disadvantage compared to fellow executives who took the time to determine a specific resume target with laser-focused emphasis on relevant information

Transitional Resume

You’d like an engaging new job and—here’s the kicker—you want it in a totally new field. When one considers the practice of forming a career, one can anticipate venturing into several directions before landing in a field they enjoy. A career change resume is specially crafted keeping in mind the changing industry, skills and experience level

Functional Resume

A functional resume focuses on the skills and experiences that make you a strong candidate for a position. Unlike a traditional resume, the functional resume does not highlight your chronological work history. Instead, it focuses on the skills you have developed that fit the requirements of the job for which you are applying.

Combination Resume

A combination resume is a format that marries the best aspects of a chronological resume format and a functional resume format. A chronological resume focuses on the candidate’s work experience whereas a functional resume on skills. A combination resume uses both work history and skills to capture the employer’s attention.

1-Page Networking

You’ve likely heard the oft-repeated advice that it’s important to tailor eye-catching resume, and also modify it as per specific job requirements. Totally True. But what if you meet someone influential who can directly refer you to your dream company’s HR. Would you load that person with a detailed resume or share a crisp, result focused and meaningful One-Page Networking Resume? A 1-page Resume has the power to encapsulate your career journey and get more traction in your search by drawing a quick picture of your profile.

Re-entering Workforce

Nervous about re-entering the workforce? There are things you can do to set yourself up for success. Consider using a skills-based resume layout as opposed to a chronological one. It can highlight your transferable skills that line up with the job requirements, and take attention away from the employment gap.

Visual Resume

Visual resume helps providing the pictorial representation that assists scanning the accentuated key points of your resume. These resumes are a hit depending on how creatively one designs it. In any hiring process, the understanding of resume from starting to till end is a time consuming process, so visual resume helps the hiring manager to quickly grasp the essential data, thus making it easy to scan the document.

Video Resume

A video resume isn’t a verbatim list of your accomplishments and employment history turned into an awkward movie. Paper resumes still does a good job of summing up your quantifiable achievements. A video resume offers you a chance to show off your undefinable qualities and make an impression. If you have a few dream employers in mind, you can increase your chances by tailoring a video for each one of them.

Personal Web-page

When you’re applying for a job, you’re typically asked to submit a resume and cover letter, or maybe your LinkedIn profile. But there are better ways to stand out from your competition, and building a personal website is one of them. Even if you have very little work experience, you can leverage a website to build a better picture of your capabilities.


Your resume is more than just a list of previous jobs and education. It’s the story of you and your professional development. One of the most efficient ways to do this is by applying the C.A.R./S.T.A.R method when building your resume. C.A.R. is the acronym for Challenge, Action, and Results and S.T.A.R stands for Situation, Task, Action, Results.

Chrono-logical Resume

If you have a straightforward work history – one where you have work experience in the job area you are targeting, with few significant unemployment gaps – then a chronological resume is the way to go.